Our skilled photographers partnered with wedTheory know how to shoot the perfect frame in any setting and lighting. Just like art, photographers have their own trademark style in how the perfect picture is shot. Feel free to browse through our preferred vendors below:


Joyce Choi Photography

Delicate romantic dreamy photography style


“I consider myself to be an artist first and foremost. However,  my biggest passion for my work is the connection I develop with my clients and maintaining those relationships. I love listening to their stories and putting them in pictures.”

-Brian Song  



tysu photography

Just a creative who is inspired to create content beyond himself.



My name is T-ran who comes from Vietnam, immigrated to Hawaii and move to LA. I could communicate in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese, so customers could feel comfortable to express their ideas and wishes with me in those languages.

I think that two people could find and love their other half among billions of people in the world is the most meaningful and romantic thing in the world.